More than Design: Our Integrated Service Offering

April 11, 2024
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Through the Workshop Lens, our team creates uniquely tailored, exceptionally beautiful, functional residences that prioritize luxury experiences, place-based design, lifestyle, human connections, and a crafted modern approach. But the firm’s vertically integrated approach to design at every scale – when paired with that conceptual ethos – is what truly differentiates our service offering and makes us a partner in the creation of our clients’ homes.  

More than just an architecture or design firm, the Workshop/APD team works to understand our clients’ passions and habits, how they live, work, play and interact – or how they dream of living – and designs structures, spaces, and products to support their every want and need, down to the smallest detail.  For 25 years, it’s been a recipe for success that keeps dedicated clients coming back to us time and again.  Here’s what sets us apart: 

  1. Holistic Architecture, Interior Design, and Product Design 
  1. Clients come to Workshop/APD looking for cohesion of architecture and interiors, from a site plan down to the pieces of furniture chosen for a home. Our seamless process is rooted in communication, with our architects & interior designers meeting regularly to coordinate and review project updates. With a holistic approach to design, every aspect is in communication, ensuring an interior scheme that’s perfectly tailored to the site itself.
  1. Becoming an Extension of Our Clients Lives 
  1. From primary homes to pieds-a-terre, ski retreats to beach getaways, families who work with us on multiple projects benefit from an increasingly seamless processes, owing to the team’s historical, institutional knowledge of their needs and the bonds they form throughout the process. Even as those needs change, a background knowledge of a client’s preferences is foundational to the design process – saving time, energy and money without sacrificing results. The relationships between our designers and clients go far beyond individual projects- we remember our repeat clients’ exercise routines, where their pets sleep, who’s a side sleeper and who’s a late-night reader, and carefully consider these details when designing their homes, even within different aesthetic contexts. 
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  1. A Single Point of Contact  
  1. Administrative efficiency is important – especially for larger projects that span years. Workshop/APD’s scope involves handling every aspect of the home design and construction management process, from coordinating with general contractors, to working with zoning boards, to communicating with vendors, consultants, and agencies. With so many moving parts along the way, having a dedicated project manager on your side helps guide the course smoothly, while keeping the project schedule and budget on track.  Our team provides a single point of contact for our clients, removing the stress and frustration of coordination. 
  1. Appreciation and Return on Investment 
  1. There’s appreciation and then there is appreciation. Workshop/APD homes are meant to be appreciated for their beauty, ease, and functionality, but sometimes needs change – so it’s important to understand whether it will yield a return on investment. The “Workshop/APD Effect”, a phrase coined by luxury real estate brokers, developers, and clients, means that our homes’ values consistently and significantly increase after any WAPD intervention. From ground-up residences to gut-renovations to interior facelifts, our projects’ appreciation is reflected not only in our clients’ experiences but also on the real estate market. Our clients are significantly more likely to see a return on their investment than others in their areas.  
  1. A Proven Track Record of Success 
  1. With 25 years of experience in dozens of locations across North America, the Caribbean and Europe, we leverage our experience to solve complex design challenges with innovative solutions. With locations and satellite teams in many of our primary markets, and resources to execute in far-off locations, we’re perfectly positioned to handle whatever comes our way on site, and we understand local regulations, trades, craftsmanship, culture, and community. We’ve honed our craft over time, gaining an understanding of our clients’ needs and aesthetic preferences. Staying true to timelines and budgets, clients can expect to plan around their project’s completion date.