Workshop/APD Homes: Architecture, Interiors, and the Spaces Between

The first book from award-winning architecture and design firm Workshop/APD, featuring 20 projects ranging from modern penthouses to sophisticated coastal getaways.

Workshop/APD Homes: Architecture, Interiors, and the Spaces Between is the first monograph from award-winning architecture and design firm Workshop/APD. Since its founding by Andrew Kotchen and Matt Berman, Workshop/APD has perfected a unique blend of classic warmth and contemporary simplicity. All of their projects, whether a modern yet cozy Manhattan pied-à-terre or a surprisingly streamlined Shingle Style compound on Nantucket, strike an exquisite balance between architectural brilliance and decorative expressiveness. Indeed, readers will discover a surprising diversity of homes, in a remarkable range of styles, all of them fully realized, deeply researched, and effortlessly comfortable and livable. For all of the firm’s commitment to a serious and in-depth investigation of architecture and design at every scale, each Workshop/APD home is characterized, above all, by a sense of delight. Workshop/APD’s architecture, interiors, and product designs represent a cleanly tailored and brightly hued modernity, with all the embellishments of refined and holistic decoration. In each project, high tech and hand finishing are applied to exquisite details and fine materials and finishes, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs that are meticulously crafted, inviting, and intentional.

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