From Concept To Reality (and everything between)

November 23, 2020

One of the keys to creating a dream home is a design process that keeps the client informed and involved. To create a transparent, immersive experience, we do a deep dive into the project brief, working together to figure out what clients want and need, and then figuring out how to bring these variables into the design.

From there, we can develop highly detailed renderings to help clients visualize massing, exterior and interior spaces. These fully-realized designs don’t just ease the fear of the unknown, they allow clients to make well-informed decisions and revisions, and leave everyone feeling confident about the design before we break ground.

170804 HWT Interior Cottage FINAL B

For projects of every kind  – from apartments, townhomes, and houses to hotels and residential developments –  the process begins shortly after a new client engages the Workshop/APD team.

In Nantucket, Workshop/APD was tapped by Blue Flag Partners to design Hawthorne Park, a new residential development comprising modern cedar-shingled homes artfully arranged around gorgeously-landscaped communal greenspaces. In this case, planning was crucial in arranging the homes to create privacy and community, optimizing views and public space usage, and ensuring that each home design was in harmony with its neighbors.

HWT Pre Design

For Hawthorne Park (and the majority of our projects) a landscape study was step one, in order to develop a holistic design that captured views and optimal light conditions and optimized outdoor living potential.

A preliminary presentation illustrates the scale and relationship of project elements, including rendered elevations and preliminary layouts, 3D views and palette selections.

  • Our team creates detailed renderings depicting major elements of the exterior and interior spaces, including floorplans, fixtures, finishes and millwork. Changes can be made as needed to reflect client requests, allowing them to constantly visualize what their home will look like completed.
  • The smallest design details –  like reveals and joinery elements – can also be rendered to ensure that there are no surprises during the actual build-out and that all work is finished to our exacting standards.
HWT Design Plans 3

Material and finish sample options provide a more visual and tactile experience, and beautifully photographed material palettes help provide clarity.

HWT Design Plans 4
  • Throughout the process, our in-house architectural and interior design teams work hand-in-hand , seamlessly marrying finish choices and furniture, fabric and accessory selections, lighting placement, custom furnishings and millwork, floorcoverings and more for a cohesive, holistic design.