Indoor/Outdoor: Eliminating the Barriers between Inside and Outside

June 05, 2020

At Workshop/APD we are guided by a desire to create contextually relevant designs that bring people closer to nature as often as possible. We often design rooms that promote and enhance indoor/outdoor living and allow our clients to deeply connect with their surroundings from the comforts of their own home.

The first thing we consider when designing indoor/outdoor spaces is the climate and location of the home – warmer and colder climates allow for very different possibilities. But the goal is always to discover and maximize the best exposures to views, light and air. The design of the landscape architecture is just as vital to creating spaces that allow for comfortable, intimate and enjoyable moments when connecting with the outdoors. While the skillful use of materials, textures and colors and the marriage of indoor/outdoor elements make for relaxing and luxurious spaces. We love to explore and expand on possibilities for indoor/outdoor living in all homes and spaces. See the fabulous nature focused designs we created in these three houses.

Williamstown Chalet

Located in Williamstown, MA, this ski chalet was designed for cold winters, heavy snows and owners who wanted to enjoy the outdoors whenever possible. So, we designed a modern living area with a wall of folding glass doors that allow for a minimalist, refined indoor/outdoor transition. When open, the barrier between interior and exterior disappears, turning the tree strewn mountain backdrop into their personal backyard. Heated floors and a heat lamp allow for taking advantage of the open concept design even in the cooler months. Abundant natural light, wood accents and a palette of blues and grays that recall the sprawling mountains in the distance, continue to welcome nature even with closed doors.

Bahamas Private Resort

An open concept design is something that can be applied to every room and enjoyed year-round in The Bahamas. In this expansive, modern beach house, pocket doors allow nearly entire walls to be eliminated from view, creating a truly seamless indoor/outdoor transition. The master bedroom, living room, game room and dining room all open onto a spacious patio framed by the relaxing sights and sounds of the ocean, forming an immersive resort-like experience that elevates the meaning of outdoor living.

Nantucket Family Compound

In Nantucket, MA, residents come to enjoy the coast and escape to the retreats their homes provide. Here, charming French doors fold open for a sophisticated indoor/outdoor transition. Walls disappear, completely exposing the modern family room, kitchen, game room and sleek guest house to the patio, pool and outdoor dining area, creating a spacious, luxurious outdoor oasis that allows for living, dining, play and relaxation all in one. Lush surrounding gardens maintain an intimate, private feel, while the infinity pool beckons stunning views that invite the ocean directly into the home, framing a property that perfectly embraces the meaning of connecting with nature at home