Design Uncensored: Matt Berman In Conversation With Stacy Garcia

September 28, 2020

In his recent appearance on designer Stacy Garcia’s Live trend & design series, Workshop/APD founding principal Matt Berman talks about a residential shift from urban to suburban, the rise of social living, and the latest in materials and spaces, seen through the lens of a truly unprecedented year.

Check out the video HERE– Matt explains how  lessons from the 2008 downturn helped Workshop/APD diversify and future-proof our practice, what Covid is showing clients about the way they want to live, and the rise of development and hospitality projects that blur the line between home and hotel thanks to rich amenities and richly inviting, interactive design. And visit Stacy’s blog, Life-Styled to read more about Matt’s top takeaways.

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In 2020, we’ve seen a shift from urban to suburban homes with many big city clients choosing the safety, comfort (and green space) of suburban, beach or country residences, often within a couple of hours of the city.  According to Matt , “if we’re not able to travel right now, people need a place to get away”. This doesn’t necessarily mean a permanent move, but signals a need for a place to escape.

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Co-living buildings offering  “hospitality level amenities” such as co-working , common and green spaces, gyms, pools and courtyards offer residents of all ages the amenities and community interaction of a social club all for the price of their monthly rent, making the category a quickly expanding, popular choice across the country.


Because many of us are working remotely right now, Matt predicts increased demand for more sound proof materials to support functional workspaces in the home. He believes that people will still want open floor plans, but with a better understanding of the need for separate spaces that provide privacy and sound isolation. And, health & wellness spaces at home is high priority, something we’re seeing come to life through top-of-the-line gyms, spas, saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, massage areas and more as clients look to bring wellness into the private residences.