Step Inside: The New Workshop Collection NYC Showroom

June 01, 2023

A venture in the works since before the pandemic, Workshop/APD’s Workshop Collection showroom began to take shape in Fall 2021. As our firm’s product portfolio grew, we decided the logical next step would be inviting professional colleagues and clients to experience the furniture offering in a physical space.

WAPD WC Showroom Entry 016

The design brief was similar to Workshop/APD’s charge in so many of our hospitality projects and retail and amenity spaces: create a functional, modern jewel box that feels residential, elegant and inviting. The firm introduced each design element with a high degree of intention, incorporating architectural features often found within its projects to create a holistic environment and showcase its preferred techniques and technologies.

From the elevator vestibule, visitors enter through a fluted door with Workshop/APD’s logo incorporated between layers of glass. The same material composes the conference room windows, framed in black metal, adding privacy. The fluted glass was selected to add texture, soften the space’s appearance, and produce a tailored look when combined with the metal framing.

WAPD WC Showroom 004

Next, a continuous wall of slatted wood – rendered in luxurious reclaimed teak – wraps around the entire space, from the edge of the conference room to the showrooms west side, creating continuity and concealing a door on either side to omit interruptions. This paneling allows for a streamlined look where nothing stands out that isn’t designed to – a harmony and uniformity that is foundational in Workshop/APD designs.

The flooring was stripped down to its rawest form, sanded and whitewashed to reverse imperfections. Each board is different, both adding character to the room and speaking to the building’s pre-war history.

WAPD WC Showroom Living 039

In addition to abundant natural light from the showroom’s high location, the team played with various illumination styles such as pin lights, pendants, and cove lighting, each serving its own express purpose. Pin lights are small, subtle, and flush with the ceiling, while the pendants are more decorative. The floating ceiling conceals the cove lights, which create a halo around the room’s perimeter that can be adjusted depending on mood. Even the conference room sits under a square of track lights (one we often use in homes) with three adjustable fixtures on one side to spotlight the art on the wall, and bars that can slide from side to side. At the entrance, a Workshop/APD for Arteriors Glaze Sculptural Sconce is prominently featured above the reception desk.

To reinforce the residential feel, the firm dropped in a floating ceiling – a Workshop/APD signature – to conceal the industrial space’s functional elements. Working within a relatively intimate space, the team created a furniture layout with distinct living , dining and bedroom areas to showcase the 16-piece collection.