Small Spaces, Big Statements: The Powder Room Roundup

January 26, 2023

Powder rooms present an opportunity to wow guests in a small but necessary space. Our approach to designing these rooms involves choosing one element to be the hero, while other components come in to support that star.

DDP 0615 Web
2021 07 14 WorkshopAPD ReadMcKendree 0313 V1 REV

Dramatic stone sinks are complemented by sleek fittings, allowing the grain in these stones to do the heavy lifting. On the right, a wall-mounted faucet adds the perfect amount of vertical interest to the room.

2018 09 26 WorkShopAPD 042
DDP 4339 Web

The Blues: watery hues and geometric tiles add excitement when paired with light or neutral colored sinks.

GLM Main House McKendree 110
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Warm and wintry wood accents pair best with a solid black or white, in each case directing the eye towards the textures of the natural grain.

DDP 9552
WorkshopAPD Donna Dotan KBK 26

Reflect on This: unique mirrors add a playfulness to any powder room. On the left, tinted glass adds a pop of blue to an otherwise black & white space, while on the right, a curved frame lends softness to the sharp lines throughout the rest of the room.

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With the Grain: playing with all-over stone and striation can create an immersive feel within a powder room.