WFH: The Home Office Roundup

October 11, 2022

The right home office should make it easy to get your work done. Especially as more and more workers make the shift to remote work and hybrid schedules, having a comfortable, distraction-free space to buckle down and get stuff done is more important than ever before. We have lots of home offices, Zoom rooms and workspaces in development from the past few years, but we wanted to pull together a few of our past favorites for a roundup that inspires remote workers everywhere.

2021 03 02 WorkshopAPD ReadMcKendree 0128 V1
GLM Main House McKendree 53

In this muted home office, a three-monitor wide screen emerges from within a custom-built desk, and slides away when it’s time to log off.

DDP 1100

Some studies call for a desk that is built-in to the room without being central to it. On the right, our custom Fran Dresser doubles as an elongated chest of drawers for maximum storage.

DDP 8430 Web
MicrosoftTeams Image (21)

At this Nantucket home away from home, the desk looks directly out onto the courtyard – because work doesn’t mean sacrificing a serene connection to the outdoors.

2021 07 15 WorkshopAPD ReadMcKendree 0508 V3
2019 03 28 WorkshopAPD 0295
2019 03 28 WorkshopAPD 0280

In some of the offices below, though they face floor-to-ceiling windows with incredible views, white shelving helps break up and soften light as it streams in, and creates a feeling of privacy within.

DDP 1243
DDP 1030
DDP 1004

Large windows offer unobstructed city views in this minimal home office.

DDP 3365