Before & After: Incubator Workspace

October 25, 2022

Workshop/APD brought this historic, warehouse-style office building into the 21st century to serve as a collaborative incubator space for a trailblazing group of startups. We reorganized offices to create an open floorplan and swapped institutional fluorescent fixtures for soft, decorative lighting that suggest seating zones, and emphasize the space’s natural light.

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IMG 0359

A slight variation in the pre-existing walls’ paint colors creates a datum line to emphasize brightness and height along the perimeter of the open room.

To break up the space while allowing for flexibility, the team designed custom, moveable screens that also display works from the client’s extensive art collection. This treasure trove of paintings and multimedia pieces, memorabilia, and vintage Americana provided inspiration for the space’s color palette and accessories selections throughout.

This multipurpose space needed to be flexible for events, but also serve as an easy gathering place for brainstorming sessions and meetings, and supportive of independent work.