Design Director Nicole Ficano on Decorating with Art

September 22, 2022

Our Interiors Design Director, Nicole Ficano, spoke with design marketplace Four Hands about her approach to incorporating client art in her compositions.

Four Hands, a resource that we have always loved for furnishings and décor, invited Nicole to participate in a Guest Designer Curation, selecting pieces that best reflected her tastes. She also gave insight into her process, and tips for designers working with clients’ existing art. See below for some of her art selections.

“Because the our firm is vertically integrated, I often have the unique opportunity to collaborate with Workshop/APD’s architects and product designers from a project’s inception, shaping space, functional details and material selections together,” Nicole said. “From there, we have the opportunity to find exciting ways to integrate furniture, fabrics, accessories and art within the built environment, often working to play up interesting architectural details or draw the eye around the room or to a particular spot in the space.  Don’t underestimate art’s ability to activate a space or to highlight areas of interest.”

Whether in an NYC apartment or on a yacht, Nicole knows how to display art in a way that brings her classic warmth and eclecticism to life. See photos below for just a few examples of projects with a clear focus on art.