Introducing: Workshop/APD for Desiron

August 10, 2022

Meet our new collection for Desiron, which includes an exquisitely crafted, highly customizable dining table, dining chair, 3-piece coffee table, round and square spot tables, and side table, joining Workshop/APD’s modern console and bench – now rendered in lighter, brighter materials for an elegant update. The pieces explore asymmetry and balance, the joining of materials and planes, liminal space and composition. Though each is architectural in its reveals and sculptural forms, the designs are inviting, livable, and luxuriously comfortable. They also represent an evolution, from our first collaboration’s focus on entry and transitional spaces to a collection designed to take center stage in primary and public spaces. Below, we delve into the thoughtful details that define the collection – many hallmarks of Workshop/APD architecture and interiors at every scale.

To view the Workshop/APD for Desiron collection, learn more, or inquire, visit Desiron online or at its NYC showroom – 200 Lexington Avenue, Floor 13.

Enviorment 2
Coffee Table

The Big Reveal – a crisp, elegant reveal is among our favorite architectural elements. A reveal adds to a design by taking something away, bringing lightness and modernity to the space and creating a compelling interplay between light and shadow.

Spot Table 2
Bench 4

A Soft Touch – There’s an unexpected softness to the collection’s palette of bright wood and light metal – and in some of the pieces’ curvilinear forms – that playfully pushes the definition of architectural furnishings and emphasizes their visual lightness.

Dining Table
Side Table 3
Dining Chair 5

Mobile and Multi-Functional – Designed for the way clients live, the pieces are flexible and highly functional. Choose a 3-piece coffee table set or compose your own. Slide spot tables around the room for work, cocktails or candles and flowers. An elegant dining chair easily doubles as a side chair.

Spot Table 1
Spot Table Square