Workshop/APD Milestones: Tyler Chavers

June 07, 2022

Congratulations to Tyler Chavers, Senior Project Manager, Interiors, on her 5-year anniversary with Workshop/APD! Tyler gave us a few highlights from her time at the firm.

What is your favorite memory in your 5 years at Workshop?

“I would say my involvement on our first Bahamas home really sticks out as a precious time. We spent 18 consecutive days in Bahamas installing a 14,000 square foot home in November 2018. It was grueling but so fulfilling.

Aside from actual work, I love every memory of our Christmas parties and team happy hours. We work hard but play harder. It’s always great to check out from work and really enjoy the amazing people who make up Workshop.”

GLM Main House McKendree 13

What lessons have you learned as a designer and Project Manager?

We work at a fast pace and juggle various projects simultaneously. High-end interiors involve a lot at stake, and we do our best to avoid mistakes. Despite this, things are often out of your control, and you have to roll with the punches. I’ve learned there’s always a solution for any challenge, no matter how stressful the problem at hand may seem. Take a breath and keep going!

As a designer, Over the years I’ve learned to vocalize my ideas more openly – Workshop/APD celebrates everyone’s ideas, and we all have something to contribute!

What do you enjoy most about the design process?

That’s a tough one, but I really enjoy the fostering of relationships that comes from working on so many different projects. You become closer with people and understand them more when you’re executing so closely together. The work accomplishments are best felt when the spirit of teamwork is prioritized. Following this, I really enjoy client relations and servicing our clients to ensure they remain happy and confident in the end product we deliver.

GLM Main House McKendree 101
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What is your favorite aspect of being a Workshopper?

“I believe Workshop is a special place to work for two reasons: the people and the diverse project types available. The people at Workshop are the most driven group of individuals I’ve ever been around. We are all hungry for excellence and it shows in our end product, and also how we show up as a team. It’s a motivating environment that doesn’t allow complacency – I think that aligns with my personality to a T!”

In my 5 years here, no year has been the same as the prior. The company is constantly growing, evolving, and moving upward. I am constantly learning and taking in new skills that sharpen both my design and business eye.

Our project deck is rapidly expanding – we have the opportunity to work in dream locations – this year took me to the West Coast for the first time for an LA residence. It’s been fast paced and really allowed me to grow in new ways. It’s inspiring to see Workshop expand with clients all over the country. There’s never a moment of boredom and always something new to be uncovered.”

TAC On Site
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