A Foot On The Gas: Regulations Accelerate Change in NYC

June 05, 2022

Recently, Principal Architect Thomas Zoli sat down with Designers Today editor Andrea Lillo for a conversation on NYC’s latest sustainability legislation: a fast approaching ban on natural gas in new construction projects.

For passionate cooks like Tom Zoli, the transition from gas to electric stoves may be off-putting. But, he says, the shift was inevitable, and in the long run, it will improve all-around sustainability measures for buildings in coastal areas like New York.

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This law applies to all new construction in New York, following the lead from other U.S. cities like Seattle and Sacramento. In the long term, supporters believe the bill will contribute massively towards making NYC carbon-neutral by 2050, with buildings currently accounting for over two-thirds of New York City’s carbon emissions. But, a shift in thinking and a need to find more sustainable, functional replacements for current systems and appliances  is required to facilitate a transition from non-renewable fuels.

The ban also prohibits the use of gas for furnaces, boilers and water heaters. In the five boroughs, “the bill would prohibit the combustion of substances with certain emissions profiles in new buildings within New York City and direct the Commissioner of Buildings to deny construction documents and permits for new buildings that would require these fuels, with some exceptions where electrification might not yet be a feasible substitute.”

Read the full piece here:

What NYC’s gas ban means for the future of interior design | Designers Today

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