Press Play: The WAPD Music League

December 09, 2021

Looking for a way to stay connected (and raise spirits) when the Workshop office was fully remote, designer Ben Tulman suggested we start our own Music League, and it’s become one of our favorite team activities. The premise is simple- Workshoppers¬† (33 to date!) receive a prompt, and then choose a song to fit the week’s theme and submit a Spotify link with their selection. At the deadline, Music League creates a playlist, and participants vote on their favorite submissions. Each week’s winner climbs the leaderboard and gets to choose the next week’s prompt, resulting in a very diverse, often hilarious array of playlists, a very active Teams group, and eventually a winner, to be crowned once the last playlist of the year’s votes are in.

We highly recommend starting your own league with family, friends or colleagues, and we invite you to check out our team’s 2021 playlists, below.

Music League