You’re Getting Warmer

November 03, 2021

Whether it’s the dramatic centerpiece in a room, a cozy, functional feature or a statement-making room divider, a fireplace has the ability to make any room shine. As the temperature drops, we’re sharing a few of our favorites – from sleek and minimalist to highly-textured and freestanding models.

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A large television can be distracting above a stunning fireplace. In our Nantucket compound (L) and Williamstown Ski Home (R) large-scale artworks rise at the push of a button so clients can enjoy they favorite shows on a concealed screen.

2018 09 26 WorkShopAPD 263

The fireplace takes center stage when it’s literally centered. A free-floating model draws the eye to the middle of the room or an under-utilized corner, offering visual interest and exponential warmth.

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In these neutral, minimalist interiors, the fireplaces’ unique textures and forms add interest.

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A sleek, minimalist gas fireplace can provide heat and ambience without detracting from modern décor.

2019 01 10 WorkshopAPD 176
Donna Dotan 7339
2019 10 02 WorkshopAPD 0013
2019 10 02 WorkshopAPD 0016

Deeply textured, fluted marble takes this Connecticut living room to new heights.

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A pop of bold, watery blue gradient wallpaper sets off a soaring board-formed concrete design.

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More than just a heat source, a towering display of stacked logs creates a compelling feature wall in a modern rustic space.

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