The Architects & Engineers Pool League

November 05, 2021

For Workshop/APD senior project manager Irem Cabbaroglu, a new hobby was the perfect way to escape quarantine boredom. But her pandemic hobby, billiards, has become a passion that she’s sharing with the entire Workshop/APD team, not to mention professional colleagues, consultants and industry contacts. A series of office outings to Society Billiards  – among our first IRL gatherings post lockdown – led to conversations about the creation of a pool league for architectural and engineering firms, and the rest is history.

This fall, we kicked off the AEC Pool League alongside teams from CES, Marvel Designs, STUDIOS Architecture, SHoP Architects, Langan Engineering, and Silman Structural Engineers /Walter P. Moore. The group meets each Tuesday night  for conversation, cocktails, and a rotating weekly lineup of players competing to help bring the title of Best in Billiards home at the end of the 8 week season.

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The Workshop/APD Sharkitects roster includes Designer Ben Tulman (pictured), Principal Architect Thomas Zoli, Senior Project Manager Irem Cabbaroglu, Senior Designer Tarika Thienapirak, Project Manager Adam Dello Buono, and Project Manager Colin Murtaugh
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“Social gatherings have always been such an important part of the Workshop/APD culture,” said WAPD Principal Architect Thomas Zoli. “It’s hard to express how much we missed having the opportunity to connect in real life and off-screen over the last two years both as a team and as an industry. To see friends, collaborators, colleagues and even competitors jump at the chance to come together every week has been a beautiful experience, and we’re looking forward to finding new ways to expand, improve, and impact our community through billiards”


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Planning is underway for the bigger, better AEC Pool League’s Winter 2021-2022 session in New York City, and new teams are already signing up for round two. If you’d like to form a team of your own or have questions about sponsorship opportunities, please email us at

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