Modern Kids’ Rooms and Stylish Play Spaces

July 09, 2021

For super design-conscious clients, childrens’ bedrooms and play rooms can feel like a challenge. We’re often asked what the secret is to creating spaces that are both spirited and sophisticated. As the rooms below prove, the key is accepting that toys are inevitable, a pretty pop of color goes a long way, and storage and soundproofing are non-negotiable. We love the opportunity to get a little wild in even the most restrained residence, and this is the perfect place to do it. Apply irresistible seating options, things to climb and places to hide, and for the big kids, enough games and activities to make them want to hang around the house with their friends. Scroll through for a fun-filled ride from raucous playrooms, to restrained nurseries, to timeless bedrooms that grow with their inhabitants.

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Donna Dotan Photography Inc.
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