Shoes Off, Please: Our Favorite Modern Mudrooms

June 10, 2021

From mountain-top ski cabins to beachside retreats, the mudroom serves as the first line of defense against dirt, dust, clutter and grime entering your home. It’s also often a casual visitor’s first impression of the space, so style is still important in this utility space. Check out a number of thoughtfully designed, well-organized recent designs with style, below.

SD 3107 Web
In a Massachusetts ski home, a repurposed lift chair provides a pop of bold color and a perch for removing booth.
2018 09 27 WorkShopAPD 463 V1
L: In Nantucket, hooks for hats, beach towels and bags are a must-have. R: Custom cabinetry hides gear and bulky winter clothing in Aspen, CO.
2019 01 10 WorkshopAPD 242
DDP 2373
Soft woven bins hide gloves, goggles and other clutter in a Nantucket retreat (L) and Westchester lake house (R)
LTG 300dpi 012 Dotan
DDP 2260 Web
Integrated custom benches double as sleek, invisible storage.
2019 10 02 WorkshopAPD 0292