Indoor-Outdoor Living: Creating Seamless Connections

June 30, 2021

We’re lucky enough to design and build homes in spectacular settings around the world. But, it’s not enough to simply set a home down on its intended site, no matter how stunning. To create a residence that’s truly of its particular time and place- and to maximize the homeowners’ enjoyment – we think well beyond “enjoying the view”  to create deep, enduring connections to the nature.


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The concept of biophilia tells us that we are happier and healthier when surrounded by nature, and green space is, increasingly, becoming a luxury. Creating a permeable barrier between indoors and outdoors means carefully considering how our clients want to live, and what benefits they will enjoy. If given the chance will you step out of the kitchen and enjoy your coffee on a beautifully landscaped patio? Does a cocktail and a game of pool often lead to an evening swim?  For fitness enthusiasts, how does finishing an intense workout with a cooldown walk on a private wooded bath contribute to overall wellness? Has it always been a dream to entertain al fresco?

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Developing massing that divides and defines exterior spaces as well as it does interior space is key. A single sweeping lawn is less compelling and useful than a series of well-proportioned, defined exterior zones for dining, relaxing, entertaining, and fitness, particularly if each is connected to a related interior space. We consider how each supports and enhances the other through technology, access and design.

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