Coming Soon: AutoCamp Cape Cod & Catskills

February 09, 2021

AutoCamp is bringing its one-of-a-kind luxury glamping experience to the East Coast for the first time, with a new Cape Cod location due to open in April 2021, and a recently announced Catskills AutoCamp, due in 2022. The new AutoCamp locations were designed in collaboration with Workshop/APD, which oversaw master planning and the development of unique clubhouses and amenities for each. Learn more below, and in these recent features from Surface and Forbes.

“At Workshop/APD we are dedicated to creating site-specific designs with a unique connection to the local landscape and culture,” said founding principal Andrew Kotchen. “It has been especially exciting to bring these unique projects to life with AutoCamp, which creates such immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences for guests in breathtaking natural settings. The plans for AutoCamp Cape Cod and Catskills were designed to provide guests with privacy and serenity through separate airstream accommodations while offering modern, luxurious communal amenities that express the spirit and rich design history of the Cape and the Catskills Mountain region.”

AutoCamp Cape Cod, the first East Coast location of the wildly popular boutique outdoor hospitality brand will open this spring with 108 Airstreams, Luxury Tents, and accessible suites, both indoor and outdoor fire pits, and an 8,100 square foot two-story clubhouse. Inspired by the modernist Cape Cod beach houses of famed designer Walter Gropius. Workshop/APD team explored both the nostalgia that Cape Cod fuels in so many, as well as the natural palette surrounding the Falmouth location of AutoCamp, incorporating the area’s rich modernist design history and local artists and makers.

In Saugerties at AutoCamp Catskills, our team drew inspiration from traditional agrarian architecture and the rich local music culture for a one-of-a-kind Catskills clubhouse for Autocamp. The modern barn structure is a composition of two gabled masses with exposed post-and beam interiors, creating a rustic gathering place that’s intrinsically tied to the community’s roots but with a hip, modern twist. Eclectic, vintage inspired décor and bold local art were also chosen to spotlight the site’s unique history.