The Argile Bathtub & Vessel by Workshop/APD for Kallista

June 05, 2020

We believe in creating spaces that are modern without being cold, and the bathroom is no exception. For our latest product collaboration with Kallista, the Kohler, Wisconsin-based designer and distributor of fine plumbing products, we set out to create a modern basin and tub that felt handmade and crafted, with a tactile quality that is often missing from cold, sterile bath products. 


The result is named Argile (pronounced ar-geel) – which means clay in French and speaks to the organic, seemingly handmade texture applied to the freestanding bathtub and basin’s cocooning, half-moon shapes. The collection’s textural exterior surfaces, inspired by wood cuts and tooled clay, cascade over the exteriors in decorative relief bringing unexpected warmth to a modern material.

When design director Andrew Kline and designer Ruoxi Wang began exploring design concepts, it was clear that the market was full of sleek, shining fixtures. As an antidote to the steel, stone, and glass we surround ourselves with (and the smooth devices in our hands all day) they developed a textural gradient effect that goes from smooth, polished edges to a handcrafted, carved surface. There is wonderful contrast in these pieces – polished and hand-carved surfaces, glossy interiors and matte exteriors, and ethereal modern shapes transformed by age-old techniques and offered in soft matte white, a new Kallista shade making its debut on Argile’s bathtub and basin.

Argile freestanding bathtub
Argile freestanding bathtub
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Crafted from a blend of fine mineral powder and resin, the 72-inch wide Argile Freestanding tub’s slanted sides were ergonomically designed to comfortably support one or two bathers for a deep relaxing soak. Its cast mineral and resin composition also helps to maintain optimum water temperature to keep bathers comfortable for extended periods.


The team kept comfort in mind for the new cast stone Argile decorative vessel as well. Its rounded shape and impressive 12-inch depth create a generous basin that naturally discourages splash-ups. We have big plans for the collection, which takes on the character of its surroundings and molds itself beautifully to interiors or every style. Stay tuned for a peek of these bathing beauties in upcoming Workshop/APD projects, not to mention beautiful bathrooms by other Kallista customers.