The Atlantic Collection – Rugs by Workshop/APD +Warp & Weft

November 01, 2019

For over 20 years, Nantucket has been the source and location of some of our most inspired and incredible creations. So it’s only fitting that The Atlantic Collection, a four-series compilation of rugs we designed and produced in collaboration with Warp & Weft, is inspired by our extensive body of work on the island.

Through this partnership – which is fueled by a mutual commitment to contextually relevant design and innovative, uncompromising craftsmanship – we’ve introduced four series, each crafted to evoke the natural beauty and climate of the Atlantic coast. Warp & Weft’s best-in-class technical knowledge and exceptional construction have allowed us to realize incredibly nuanced designs for both residential and hospitality applications. Get to know the award winning Atlantic Collection, below:

Donna Dotan 0786 Web
Workshop/APD x Warp & Weft Shore Rug


Shore recalls the crashing and folding of waves against the beach. In developing Shore, Workshop/APD Designer Ruoxi Wang used saltwater to drive paint pigments to the edges of a page for an organic, layered and dynamic effect. The luxurious rugs are offered in fine Himalayan and Indian silk options to allow for the subtle blending of colors that enhances the watercolor effect.

TFT Tidal C Dusty Rose


Our debut series, Tidal comprises ten rug designs that each utilize shape, line and color to conjure the continuous crest of waves breaking against each other. Dynamic parallel and intersecting lines recall the powerful movements of the ocean with captivating 3D visual effects in both one and two-dimensional constructions.

Workshop/APD x Warp & Weft Meander Rug


Inspired by the narrow, wandering paths that carve tall Nantucket grasses, the Meander series offers two distinct styles. Meander’s designs are distinguished by unique textural contrasts including cut-pile wool paired with looped hemp elements, and a subtle, sophisticated color palette.

Workshop/APD x Warp & Weft Picnic Rug
Workshop/APD x Warp & Weft Picnic Rug
Workshop/APD x Warp & Weft Picnic Rug
Workshop/APD x Warp & Weft Picnic Rug



Unveiled in BDNY 2019, Picnic is inspired by the topography of the beach, with seven playful takes on a more linear theme in woven jacquards, flat weaves and hand-knotted designs of tremendous depth. Picnic rugs are distinguished by a graphic quality decidedly different from the more collection’s more organic designs. Precise fabrication ensures crisp, curving lines that provide exceptional visual movement and a sophisticated, rich color palette lends the wool and silk/wool rugs a luxe, tailored look.