One-Of-A-Kind Homes: Why Customization Is Key

November 21, 2019
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From unique furnishings, upholstery and hardware to exceptional handcrafted finishes and millwork, customization is a Workshop/APD hallmark. Knowing that a project is like any other place in the world – and made to suit a client’s unique needs, preferences and location – is one of the keys to creating residences and hotels that make clients feel especially at home.

We’re proud to have an in-house team of product experts – seasoned product designers who understand form, material, and fabrication, working with our designers and the finest fabricators and manufacturers to dream up and realize products at every scale. Through these designs, including luxurious rugs, elegant modern furniture, tailored upholstery, modern plumbing fixtures and fittings and more, we subtly tie the architecture details to interior design, achieving a distinct, cohesive design.

Creating a one-of-a-kind residence is an exciting challenge in Nantucket, where you’re required to work within rigid building guidelines. Homes must conform to an architectural vernacular established by the island’s first residents, the Quakers – an extremely “traditional” look that we have learned to re-modernize by returning to their simplest original forms. The warm, iconic cedar shingle style is part of the Nantucket charm we love, but our job is to translate it (within Island guidelines) into a house that’s perfect for our client. It’s a delicate balance we’ve tackled in more than 100 projects on Island.

In this highly-customized Nantucket home we transformed the bulk of the original structure into a vaulted living room, with added massing for new living spaces. It’s a residence that is at home on the island, but with a personality all its own.

With a focus on form over ornamentation, reveals around the windows take the place of millwork for a sleek, refined finish that’s repeated throughout the space. The three custom sofas on the ground floor reinforce the room’s clean, straight lines, while the focal art piece above the fireplace inspires the room’s warm palette and conceals a TV, for a cohesive, sophisticated look.

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Left: Our favorite custom moment – embodying Workshop/APD’s crafted modern approach – is a marble coffee table that marries clean lines and natural, hand-made forms and materials. The large marble slab is bisected to expose the stone’s raw edges, mimicking the coastal landscape’s textures and forms in a sleek, sculpted furnishing.

Right: The custom fireplace – a perfect marriage of form and function – is poured concrete cast from wood, creating an organic texture that brings the home’s stunning natural setting into the angular room.