In The News: The Kitchen Counter Challenge

June 28, 2019

From NYC to Palm Beach to Aspen, CO, Andrew Kotchen takes the New York Times on a tour of exceptional kitchen islands designed to marry form and function for clients. From sculpted Cristallo Quartzite carved into three unique zones for prep, serving and entertaining; to a monolithic black marble centerpiece that slides out to reveal bar seating, to stunning materials selected for the luxurious residences at 111 Leroy Street, our team approaches island design with a deep understanding of intended use, aesthetics and durability.

2019 03 28 WorkshopAPD 0244
Counters can be a defining feature of any kitchen. For a home in Palm Beach, Fla., the New York architecture firm Workshop/APD used Cristallo quartzite to create counters and three islands with faceted waterfall forms.
2019 03 28 WorkshopAPD 0232
A black marble island slides out to reveal counter seating
For a kitchen in Aspen, Colo., Workshop/APD designed a hefty Antique Gray marble island, but installed a thin, contrasting white Glassos counter along the wall.
WorkshopAPD McKendree RL4 08
WorkshopAPD McKendree RL4 14
In Nantucket, Mass., Workshop/APD designed a kitchen for a chef with stainless-steel counters.