University of Health & Performance

Think, Train, Feel, Lead. Workshop/APD is honored to partner with Vetrans Future Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights veteran suicide and empowers veterans to discover renewed purpose through wellness and community. Our work together includes master planning, architecture and design for Vetrans Future Foundation’ new 400+ acre University of Health and Performance campus in Arkansas, complete with modern training, dining, and educational facilities and barracks.


Bentonville, AR


Under Construction

02 UHP Classroom Eyelevel 02 P2
06 UHP Mess Hall Eyelevel 02 F1
08 UHP Mess Hall Birdseye P2 V1
05 UHP Mess Hall Eyelevel 01 P2
01 UHP Classroom Eyelevel 01 P2
03 Classroom Eyelevel 03 P2