Faraway Martha’s Vineyard

An adaptive reuse at Faraway Martha’s Vineyard presented the opportunity to celebrate this historic property while reimagining it through a unique conceptual lens. With respect to its New England midcentury roots, this renovation added flairs of modernity and luxury using impeccable finishes, eclectic patterns, an earth-tone palette, and custom furnishings. From expanding out the entry façade to the outdoor pathways between amenity areas, this project prioritizes the guest experience beginning at arrival. Workshop/APD’s careful master planning connects each of the existing buildings through landscaped pathways, which guests can follow to their accommodations and the rest of the property. In addition to 75 guest rooms, lobby, snack shack, gym, two restaurants, café, bar, and pool courtyard, all throughout the Faraway campus.


Martha's Vineyard, MA


Interior Architecture & Interior Design


Under Construction

01 BKH FINAL Reception F2
02 BKH FINAL Lobby Lounge F2
03 BKH FINAL Outdoor Bar F1