Harlem Towers

The concept for this mixed-use tower in Harlem features an elevated public plaza connected to the 125th street subway, a commercial plinth level and two residential towers, all atop a through-block base designed to hold commercial and/or institutional space to connect to the community. We designed the tower’s residential components to include plaza level townhomes with private exteriors, residential apartments, as well as a hospitality property with amenity spaces. The building’s design intersperses commercial and residential areas to break up usage blocks and help to foster a sense of community and connection. The façade features a design matrix of translucent and opaque panels and windows that accommodates diverse programming within the floorplate, allowing amenities to be interspersed throughout.


Harlem, NY





2307 COC View 03 F1
1602296631 Cam 03 DLM
Image 02 Blue Hour F1
Image 01 Daylight F1
2307 COC View 04 F1