Asbury Park 2nd Avenue Pavilion

In place of a long-empty lot at the bustling intersection of Asbury Park’s boardwalk and beach, our team envisioned a new Second Avenue pavilion featuring modern retail and dining spaces. Intrinsically tied to the seaside mecca’s existing architectural scale and language of masonry and vivid murals, the pavilion’s massing is divided to accommodate boutique and anchor retail and hospitality at a range of scales, all centered around a programmable indoor-outdoor central courtyard that extends visible frontage and encourages visitors to gather and explore instead of simply passing through.


Asbury Park, NJ



2317 2AP View 02 F1
2317 2AP View 01 F1
2317 2AP View 03 F1
2317 2AP View 04 P2
2317 2AP View 05 F1