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Workshop/APD, in collaboration with Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planner, transformed BLDG92 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard into a premier tourist destination in Brooklyn.

The firm has developed a large portfolio of residential work over the past decade plus, often with sleek, contemporary interiors.


The Architect's Newspaper
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We really try and add as many sustainable features as possible into every home we design.


Andrew Kotchen as quoted in Food and Wine Magazine
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Good design takes time, evokes an emotional experience, creates atmosphere, and is purposeful. The crafted moments of our work take time and lead to innovation.


David McEachin, Marketing and Business Development
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I see our work as both beautiful and connected. We strive to problem solve in unique ways through a series of connected moments.


Brook H. Quach, Design Lead
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Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman of the environmentally minded New York City firm Workshop/APD have made a name for themselves by mixing modern with traditional style.


Food & Wine
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This young New York firm seeks to resist convention as it works to redefine the term “good design.”


New York Home
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