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Featuring four bedrooms and open living space, the model unit at 88 & 90 Lex was designed to give guests a glimpse into life at this unique development

Great design, I think, is something that moves the needle. It tells a story, and it sort of connects with people in a way that’s unique.


Matthew Berman, as quoted in Downtown Magazine
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This young New York firm seeks to resist convention as it works to redefine the term “good design.”


New York Home
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My love of architecture is found in the act of building. I love nothing more than seeing our work realized.


Andrew Kotchen, Principal
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The firm has developed a large portfolio of residential work over the past decade plus, often with sleek, contemporary interiors.


The Architect's Newspaper
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Good design takes time, evokes an emotional experience, creates atmosphere, and is purposeful. The crafted moments of our work take time and lead to innovation.


David McEachin, Marketing and Business Development
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We’re modern architects, but we live in New York, and we’re dealing with an aging housing stock, and an aging building stock, so we’re always working in older conditions and updating. That is what working in New York is all about.


Matthew Berman, as quoted in Downtown Magazine
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