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Sagaponack Modern
2019 08 07 WorkshopAPD 0159
In The News: Beautiful Inside + Out – A Nantucket Harborfront Compound
A coastal-chic Workshop/APD residence covers two June publications, with features that explore the harborfront home inside and out- from its unique architecture and intrinsic connection to the natural landscape to masterful interiors designed for relaxation, entertaining and play. Dive into a one-of-a-kind design on one of Nantucket's most stunning sites.

The home is a stunning of example of place-based design, with significantly varying elevations informing the its site plan. The main house, at beach level, is connected to the street-level guest house by a series of beautifully landscaped paths and a winding driveway.
2018 09 24 WorkshopAPD 775
The Workshop Lens
The Workshop Lens