This project was an opportunity to move beyond the refined interiors for which the firm is known, and express those principles on the outside of an Upper West Side Townhouse.

The moments that make Workshop spaces signature, include exposed hardware and joinery, framing spaces and the overall feelings of the spaces inside and outside.


Brook H. Quach, Design Lead

A home that’s sustainable in every sense of the word-made of healthy materials, affordable to maintain and cozy to live in.



We design seriously via the subtle marriage of simple spatial strategies and elegant detailing that respects the craft. In the studio we foster an environment that enables the designer, because at the end of the day, good design is good decisions.


Thomas Julliard Zoli, Principal

The principals of Workshop/APD, and two of today’s most acclaimed designers, tackle every project with a fresh pair of eyes.



Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman are two of the most innovative American designers and representative of their generation.


100 Idee Per La Casa